Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation and the recent restrictions from city of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti on the shutdown of all entertainment businesses, we have decided to close The Los Angeles Gun Club from March 16 - April 19, 2020. The safety and health of our customers and employees is our main priority.

Last call at 10:30pm daily. 

Monday - Thursday

3:00pm -11:00pm

Friday - Sunday

11:00am -11:00pm

Closed on these dates:

  • June 28th - July 4th

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Dec. 23rd - Jan.1st


1375 East 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Call us: 213-612-0931​

Email us: thelosangelesgunclub@gmail.com

We do not take reservations. It's first come, first served policy. 

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Rules & Acknowledgements

These regulations are for your safety as well as others.
Two or More People
Two or more people are needed for all gun rentals (excludes solo firearm owners).  Solo firearm owners must bring a firearm with them to rent any LAGC firearms. *Note* No persons under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or drugs allowed.​ No exceptions.
Bullet Policy
No hollow points, exposed lead projectiles, steel core ammunition. Full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets only!
Unloaded Firearms

If you are bringing your own firearms, they must be unloaded when brought.  

**All firearms and ammunition will be subject for inspection before entering the range.


  1. To rent a firearm you must be a gun owner or in a party of two or more.​

  2. To purchase rifle and shotgun ammunition in the State of California you must be 18 years of age or older.

  3. To purchase handgun ammunition you must be 21 years of age or older.

  4.  All weapons and ammunition must be inspected at the counter prior to admission to the range. No exceptions!!

  5.  No steel jacket, brass jacket, semi jacketed, exposed lead, soft or hollow point bullets allowed.

  6.  Full metal jacket only!!

  7.  No black powder firearms, it can cause fires.

  8.  No persons under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or elicit drugs allowed.

  9.  Valid pictured identification is required to enter the range.

  10.  Persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  11.  Everyone must wear eye and hearing protection while in the range.

  12.  While in the range: No smoking, No eating, No drinking. Lobby is fine. 

  13. No holstered weapons or quick draw shooting allowed.

  14. No more than 2 shooters in a booth without range officer approval.

  15. Load and unload weapons inside of the booth only. This is very important.

  16. Never point a firearm at anyone!! Always have your firearms pointed in a safe direction.

  17. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded!!

  18. Never pass your firearms to another person until the cylinder or action is open andyou have visually checked that it is unloaded!!

  19. Never bring a loaded weapon out of the range!! If your gun malfunctions lay it in the booth facing down range and notify the range officer.

  20. No rapid fire allowed with rental guns. One shot every 1 second maximum.

  21. Rental guns must be used only with our ammo for insurance reasons. If we catch you using your ammo in our rentals, you will be charged $100.00.

  22. The red line at 21 feet is the minimum target distance.

  23. You cannot take out any brass from the range!! No exceptions!! Reloaders, brass keepers, brass stealers, please go elsewhere!!

  24.  No pregnant women allowed inside the range. The noise will damage the fetus.

  25.  NRA Regulation Targets Only! 



We will be forced to close from June 28th to July 4th and December 23rd to January 1st because ammunition cannot be sold in the city of Los Angeles due to city ordinance.  Normal operations will resume on July 5th and January 2th. We are open most holidays, but we are closed Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years.